Alright lets dive right into it. I’m about to drop some knowledge. What is Hemp ?
Hemp is a plant that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa species. For those who don’t know Cannabis is weed, pot, dope whatever you call it, but the legit term is Cannabis. Cannabis has many subspecies such as Sativa , Indica, Ruderalis. Hemp is one of the subspecies.
Most people believe that Hemp can get you high, it cannot. THC the molecule that gets you high is basically non existent. In comparison, cannabis has THC levels from 10% to 25%. However, Hemp’s THC content is closer to 0.3%. Therefore, it’s basically impossible to get high. You could try to smoke some Hemp, but you would needs tons of it to get the same effects as a bit of weed. No one is going to go through all that trouble. Just go and get some weed at this point.
Hemp has many benefits. You can use the stalks to make biodegradable plastic, paper, cardboard, bio fuels and so much more.  You can even eat hemp seeds 🙂 they have lots of healthy fats such as Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s and lots and lots of other amino acids. Some studies have shown that Hemp seeds are just as nutritious if not more than flax seeds and chia seeds. Oh and i forgot to mention that Hemp seeds reduce your cholesterol levels. Something that lots of North Americans suffer from.
I highly recommend for you to do some more research on Hemp, you will be surprised by what you find.

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