The future of cars


Do you think the future of the automobile is the fully electric car also known as the “EV” ?

I love the idea of having a fully electric car driving you to and from work. There are less carbon emissions, it’s cheaper to drive, it has instant torque at any speed, but i just don’t think we have the technology necessary for every car on the road to be fully electric. It would take a couple decades for all the cars on the road to be fully electric, but we need to reduce emissions asap. What can we do in the meantime ?

Electric cars are expensive and not everyone can afford them, but, gasoline cars are cheap, reliable, familiar and we are used to them. We feel comfortable getting into a gasoline powered car, until we get to the pump to fill it up. Gasoline prices are on the rise and i’m not going to get into the politics of things, but to say the very least, i believe that one day we will run out of fossil fuels to power all of our transportation systems from buses, to trains, to boats, planes and cars. That is if we don’t die from the pollution first.

I think we can all agree that pollution is an important topic, that has grew in all of us over the last decade. It’s also no secret that cars emit a lot of carbon into the air, using non-renewable energy sources. Now what if i told you there exists a way to keep using gasoline powered cars and reduce emissions..and.. wait for it… you would be paying half of the gas prices when you fill it up.


Do you know what hemp is ? Probably not, and that’s okay because the education “forgets” to teach you some things. Anyways, I would love to explain it to you, but i want to keep these blogs short and sweet, so i’ll see you tomorrow and get ready to learn how we can save the environment and save money at the same time !




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