Dreams without action stay dreams


Getting out of bed was a struggle today. I just wanted to sleep. So sit down, because i’m about to tell you why, and no i’m not high. (well not at the moment :/)

Lately i have been having super duper lucid dreams. They feel so realistic that when i wake up, i can’t tell if i’m still dreaming or if i am indeed awake, and i don’t remember my dreams when i wake up so that kind of sucks because they are hella dope. However i do remember this little fragment : i remember riding a motorcycle with a hot girl sitting right behind me holding on to me in the most sexual way (idk how to explain that, but it just was). However, in real life, i don’t own a motorcycle and i don’t have a cute girl to hold on to me sexually lol.

Anyways, what was i saying .. oh yeah.. my struggle to get out of bed this morning. I loved my dream so much that when i woke up, i just wanted to go back to sleep to continue it, and i did (and that happened a couple of times). So instead of waking up at 7:00am i ended up forcing myself out of bed at 9:30am, still wanting to go back to sleep and finish my awesome and cool dream.

Honestly, this kind of trips me out. I like my dreams better than my reality. I guess it’s just time for me to make my dreams a reality.

Oh, and also, if anyone knows of a device that can record dreams plzzzzz send the link to me. I’d be down to test it out 🙂



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