Alright lets dive right into it. I’m about to drop some knowledge. What is Hemp ? Hemp is a plant that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa species. For those who don’t know Cannabis is weed, pot, dope whatever you call it, but the legit term is Cannabis. Cannabis has many subspecies such as Sativa , […]

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The future of cars

Do you think the future of the automobile is the fully electric car also known as the “EV” ? I love the idea of having a fully electric car driving you to and from work. There are less carbon emissions, it’s cheaper to drive, it has instant torque at any speed, but i just don’t […]

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Sometimes in life things just go to fast. You loose control of time and you loose control of yourself, so instead of living time and enjoying the time you spend ,you end up just floating through it, aimlessly . You have to realize however that you are the one in control of what you do, […]

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Get shit done

What do you do on a rainy day ? Do you stay in bed and cuddle up with your loved one ? Do you sit at home and watch tv all day and stuff yourself full of junkfood ? How about going to the gym ? Next time there’s a rainy day, get off your […]

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Making a to-do list isn’t easy. Do you write it by hand, or type it up ? What app do you choose ? Where should you keep it ? But really what matters is if you stay true to it. It doesn’t really matter where your to-do list is. It could be in some kind […]

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I never really realized how expensive it is to live on your own, until i started to do the research. For the last couple of months, I’ve really wanted to move out of my mom’s house and go live on my own. I though it was a simple and quick change in my life, but […]

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